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RIKE Audio - manufacturer of ultra high-end capacitors
S-Cap (aluminum) This RIKE Audio oil paper standard capacitor meets the highest demands and is characterized by an extraordinary dynamics in the entire frequency band. These properties are difficult to find in "normal" paper capacitors. Q-Cap (aluminum) This paper oil capacitor surprised some testers from the first moment. The Q-cap in aluminum combines all the good qualities that are said to have the best oil paper capacitors of this type. He plays extremely open with amazing presence. The bass sound is never too dull and extremely precise, crisp and quickly reproduced. The full range of all kinds of nuances are traced with pinpoint accuracy and the listener drawn into "the music". Q-Cap (Copper) This exceptional paper oil capacitor combines all the positive properties of aluminum brother, but the tone will be presented almost sensual. A modern capacitor which could hardly be built in this quality so in the past and new standards

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