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Our company is distributor of well-known brands  -  Mundorf, DH-Labs/SilverSonic Inc, Audience AV, Seas speaker drivers, RIKE Audio, Wattgate conenctors, SB Acoustics, Jocavi Acoustic panels, Oyaide, Audiotechnology, Earthquake Sound, Kimber Kable, Lundahl, Metrum Acoustics, MiniDSP, Hypex, WBT, StereoArt, Accuton, Soundcare Superspikes.

Components for speaker crossovers: coils, capacitors, wires, connectors  - Mundorf, Jantzen, Audience, RIKE, WBT, DH-Labs, Kimber, Oyaide

Cables, connectors for Hi-Fi and High-End: DH-Labs, Oyaide, WBT, ETI Research, Kimber, Wattgate

Acoustical solutions for home theaters, hi-fi and high-end listening rooms - Jocavi Acoustic Panels.

Electronics for Hi-Fi, High-End and DIY - MiniDSP, Hypex, Metrum Acoustics,

Speaker drivers for DIY and speaker manufacturers: Accuton, Seas, Audiotechnology, SB Acoustics, Mundorf AMT,

Home Automation/Home cinemas - Projector and TV lifts and mechanisms Future Automation, electric screens with ambient light rejection Draper React 3 by Euroscreen.

High-end Speakers by StereoArt with a price of hi-fi.