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Mundorf EB Gmbh is one of the top-class manufacturers of audiophile components, which supplied to world-leading and award-winning loudspeaker and audio electronic manufacturers since 1985.
Mundorf company is based in Cologne / Germany and offer a wide range of finest capacitors: ECap electrolytics MCap 250V, 400V and 630V MKP MCap EVO, EVO in Oil, EVO Silver/Gold/Oil MCap Supreme MCap Supreme Silver/Oil MCap Supreme Silver/Gold MCap Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil Different types of coils -air cored, aronit cored and ferrite cored SGW cables & wirings from silver / gold-alloy, Lead-free MSolder AMT tweeters that outperform any other drivers you have ever heard. Electrolytics for power supplies TCap: special capacitors for tube amplifiers Speaker terminals As perfectionists in audio, Mundorf take care for every detail and continuously develop innovative products. As milestones made by Mundorf in music-reproduction are the zero-ohm-coil, the famous MCap, induction-free Supreme winding technology and Silver/Gold metallisation. Our reliability and innovation is guaranteed by Mr. Raimund Mundorf, the founder, owner and CEO of Mundorf EB Gmbh.

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